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so, welcome to My Memories. Just sharing, and you are reading My Memories. eventhough, I might not know who reads my memories. but I know it's you really cares about me. tQ again ^_^
hope you're enjoying while visiting and reading, God Bless ^^

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I'm not a girl, but not yet a woman. well ya, I'm a person really easy going, sometimes it changed so sensitive. I'm a kindergarten Teacher, I'd choosed my life's purpose is my God's Purpose. because He's my Author for Alpha and Omega. Proud the be His servant. one more important thing, I'm a youngest sister in six siblings. I love my Mummy damn much!

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Keeping Memories Alive

Jesus? this is Your answer for my future?
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Jesus? this is Your answer for my future?
Saturday, April 6, 2013

today was my 3 days on my Fasting For Future.
I am fasting for UNAI, and our relationship as a couple with beloved Nicholas.

dear Lord,
I shall be quiet and wait until a star fall from the heaven. can you see, how above one light appears after the other and they together form a dorm? I sit in silence and fold my hands in prayer. 

Oh My Lord, 
thank you for healing me.
thank you for touching my heart.
thank you for showing me the light when I turned to you.

I'd start my single step in this year, 
and 99% will be under Your Wings.

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